Bitcoin short term target @$6000 area

Dear listerners,

First of all, I want to say that I have accepted some criticisms and now I am trying to implement them.
It's like trading - sometimes you have to accept your 'mistakes'.
Also, I changed my layout a bit. I could not see the bright blue anymore. I never worked with it. Mostly I only copy the ideas of my private chart here.

Anyway .. in the following chart you can now follow my idea. It's the same idea as the last post. However, anyone who follows my updates knows that the structure in the small blue border has changed. Since it is not worth trading there, you can ignore the part. We want the big winnings to make a lot of money and that's what you're here for.
Due to the potential changes, I do not like to trade corrections unless I know exactly what's going to happen next.

In the updates, I keep you up to date in case there are small changes like targets.
評論: Very likely that we are going to hit 8200 after a small fall.

評論: The hit to $8200 won't come, better for us. Next stop around $7500-7700
評論: At one of my last posts I said, that I will buy at about $7500 and keep it till about $8200. Now I decided to wait, because there is too much risk in comparison to reward. I still could imagine that we will bounce there, but if the opposite happens then you will lose your money very fast. I am looking to buy at around $7200. Everything depends on the situation.
評論: Ready for some fireworks?
評論: Broke out of the corrective structure, made a flag and you know what it means.
I could imagine that we are going straight to 7200 now until we see one more move up. After that we should reach our buy target.

評論: Fireworks coming later. We will see one more little upmove. Looked wrong on the structure.
評論: Don't panic about the upmove. It could go to 8300, but I think it will stop on the way there. Then we should see the fireworks.
評論: $7500 are reached. Next stop at $7200, where I could imagine a little bounce $8000 area. It is because we need one more bounce on the way to $6000 area to complete the running flat as you can see in my idea.
評論: Upmove should stop at 7500
評論: Didn't stop as expected at 7600. This upmove looks strong. It has potential to test 8000 area. For more infos check my new idea. Sorry for the irritation, but everything can change fast.

hei men just found you, nice predictions
Hang on weren't you bullish to 13k? Now it's 6k again? So we're going to 6k and then 13?
BullWick zeus88
@zeus88, may have bottomed here and to 13ish. then sub 6
kardia BullWick
@BullWick, When it hit 6k, I thought it would go lower. I missed the boat. I think a lot of people will miss the boat due to holding too strongly onto certain expectations.
BullWick kardia
@kardia, I thought we go lower too...just not before doubling our money first. Even if we get to 13K, bearish scenario of going sub 6k will remain valid.
BullWick kardia
@kardia, I relentlessly play bounces. Made a post about it... "Don't miss this bounce play again" and I think many will mis this one coming up. Even if we just go to 8700 or 9k before turning back, alts will pump 40%.
kardia zeus88
@zeus88, None of these TAs really know where it's going. It's all guesswork.
E55 kardia
@kardia, No its no guesswork here - not anymore - it is something like a uncomplete puzzle. In that idea, I thought we made the ABC correction already. But later I saw that there is a possibillity that we are making a running flat, what it looks like right now.
@E55, If it's not guesswork, then nobody would get it wrong. We would all know where the tops and bottoms are. Again, it's all guesswork. Nobody really knows where price is going to land. That's why it's best not to speak in absolutes when making predictions in the markets.
E55 kardia
@kardia, there you are right. It's not easy or nearly impossible to predict the right price or timing. But of course you can predict when a reversal could start. If you know that then you are able to trade this market.
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