BTC go sleeping on the 1000-2000 usd.
It will be interesting to see the affects of the bans implemented recently on cryto trading. Not sure if this market has taken in the full affect of it. Back in the summer it took a while for the news to push the market to support before resuming upward movement. If no more bad news comes out, perhaps the whales and new money all head their chance to buy after all their friends and associates released the bad news to drive this market down, so now they are likely in the market or will push it lower. If they have all gotten in, perhaps this market will return to regular growth and they'll tripple their money and make hay over the spring to summer before they release another wave of downward pressure after they have sold during more FOMO and the'll take their profits so they can buy in low again. That's what this looks like to me. Example of this is the JP news pushing the price down in the summer, and then his group bought in, and now are part of this train applying the brakes when they want with their good news bad news info. It's all about the money i guess.
RhondaWelsh davethewaver
@davethewaver, then look at this one guy's chart and tell me if it is considered there.
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davethewaver RhondaWelsh
@RhondaWelsh, That's very good. We just don't know the timing of all the good and bad news event which will affect this digital space.
davethewaver RhondaWelsh
@RhondaWelsh, So based on his chart, did we have a trend reversal or do you think this is only the beginning of a much bigger correction. It seems to indicate from his charts that he feels we are going much lower if we hit newer lows which i would agree with. My only other question, is how can we predict that the market will continue to these lower lows before hand. Any idea?
RhondaWelsh davethewaver
@davethewaver, should draw micro fractals or we can look for the cases where price breaks above or below the triangle which determines the trend of the digital asset.
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