The Bitcoin Breakout

Hi Traders,

Although i don't actively trade BTC .USD i have once again received a large number of messages asking for my insight on the next move.
I hope the brief analysis above gives a better indication of where i am looking at a break short term.

Currency Pair: BTC .USD
Time Frame: 1hr
Predicted Direction: Long

Live BTC .USD updates will be available in the comments section below.
評論: A breakout has now occurred.
評論: A textbook break and retest of consolidation.
評論: A pullback to 16000 is possible prior to the next impulse towards 17500
評論: Video Analysis Providing Additional Information.

評論: Today's video outlook on bitcoin after the breakout.

評論: Many have contacted me for a closer view of the H&S formation on the 1hr TF due to the screen being a little small.

I have attached below.
評論: Live BTC.USD Setup.

評論: Trade Update Above:
Price approaching take profit, trailing stop loss is now advised.
評論: Video Trade Update.

Thanks for your update a lot. It help me stop loss in time.
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TomHall hoapk712
@hoapk712, Great work :-)
great post Tom!
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TomHall Tradingstrategyguides
@Tradingstrategyguides, Appreciate it :-)
Great stuff!
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@MRZSKV, Thank you :-)
Thanks very much Tom for the analysis, as always. Is it possible to post a screen shot of the 1 hr chart showing the head & shoulders, and possible pull-back area? There's no way to get a better close-up of a "video-based" chart..
TomHall elikay770
@elikay770, Hi,

I have attached above for you :-)
@TomHall, that's great many thanks - the video charts are very hard to see, so that really helps :-)
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TomHall elikay770
@elikay770, I apologies, i will see if i can zoom in a little more in future.
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