Thoughts on BTCUSD Movement

Maybe some of u feel happy to buy dip this week if u noticed my posts this Monday and last week.

Actully someone said I was insane when I posted the charts in chatroom, as they do not believe the price can even move higher or for fear of holding this long position due to its volatility .

Well I'd say that the structure moves quite clearly not only because of its ratios among waves , but also from time and cycle perspective.

I selected recent major swing high and low points and happened to find that the waves moves quite concide with the equally divided sine wave cycles, peaks and valley showed up synchronously near the balck lines.U can check the arrows on the chart to find the coinsidence.

And I also measured the 5 wave structure with fibo times(red lines), amazingly find their confluence of sine waves even I didn't measure them with the same start point and intervals.

Although it is a unproven theory or maybe there are some mistakes , I'm still expecting its performance near each potential time peaks or valleys.

According to the chart, let's see what will happen during Nov.13th - Nov.17th, and attention to the price levels mentioned before:6284, 6927

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