Bitcoin Short Target1 Profit Hit

Target 1 hit. Profits secured.

As advised 2nd target set for $8000 (as posted in advance - see my related post "can Bitcoin Fall To $8000?") with a trailing stop to protect profits. T2 set just in case we have a further sell-off

I think the PermaBulls are in shock after the first selloff after hitting ATH around $17000 ( Bitcoin lost approx 43% of its price then). Now in complete disarray and confusion on another huge sell which they insisted could never happen. Huge wakeup call for their naive inexperience in trading volatile markets.

Warning: Most people can make money in Bull Markets with little/no experience. If you trade learn to trade both sides don't innocently assume markets only go up.

too optimistic, this is more likely:
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maybe you should study gann a little more ... cuz the grapich is wrong!
Well said.
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thanks again Sean for your time and effort to help us.
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Thanks Sean for your posts!
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@SEAN_VENGAN Hey Sean, any particular reason why you're trading specifically bitcoin, in times like these?
Wouldn't LTC or some other coin be better - both crash`- and bounce-wise?
Personally, I don't short, but I'm playing the dips, and when you get 30-40% out of that (basically 150-200% of what btc does), I don't really see the point for playing with btc.

P.S.: are you still gonna launch your telegram group? - I remember you wanted to do one before TV sent you on your "sabbatical" back in the day.
8k wont happen... 9.5k is on average grpwth line, it goes there all the time.. just a correction to it @ 9-10k
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