Jamie Dimon 2.0 - Bitcoin

Sept 13th - Jamie Dimon makes a public statement that Bitcoin is a fraud.
Price immediately plummeted 30% into the low $3000 range.

Oct. 31st - CME Futures Annoucement
Price rocketed ~220%; sending us to our current all time high just shy of $20k

Nov. 17th - CME Futures Launch
Immediate collapse of ~43% at the time this article is being written.

This was all predicted in my CME Conspiracy Theory here:

Now the question is, where is support?
Is $13,000 the new bottom?
or are we heading to the next support at 10k?

IF the daily closes above $13,000, I would expect a decent bounce none the less.
If the $13,000 level fails, I will close all positions/orders and wait for the next support level .
Which is appearing to be 10k atm.
Additional possible support levels are also shown on the chart above

IF history repeats itself and one of these two levels are truly the bottom.
Is another 550% possible?

Time will tell will story.

Please trade carefully.

note: I lost a great deal of money in this dip. I refused to follow my own technical analysis and it has cost me dearly.
Let my lesson reflect onto you. Do not let emotions get in the way. You cannot make the market do what you want. You must be dynamic and react accordingly.

I wish you all luck!

Please note I am only providing my own trading information for your benefit and insight to my trading techniques, you should do your own due diligence and not take this information as a trade signal.
評論: Just broke major support on 1hr timeframe.
Trade with caution.
評論: Possible Double Bottom on Mex. Targets in gold.
Most importantly watch the daily.
IF we close below support I will likely exit.
評論: Inverted H&S confirmed. S/L is a break and close under 13.8.
TP is 15k


great idea ! added in the latest updates of my dec 17 idea, also CME related :
Unfortunately you don't need a bogey man for an ABC correction.
Thanks for the analysis, gave me clarity to exit some of my positions. Best wishes for 2018.
"I lost a great deal of money in this dip" Thanks for your honesty, many speculators will lose all their money when this bubble will burst.
thank you for your work - very well done!
I just bought some on this nice Xmas dip. But I've done similar mistakes where emotions override any technically and stops. I still repeat this error once in a while.
Nice work man keep it coming
I did the same with BCH in this dip, it happens lack of sleep didn't help.
Thank you for being honest about your loss, it happens to the best of us!
How exactly did you lose money in the dip? Did you go long on leverage?
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