Hi Everyone,
for today's Intraday trade we'll be shorting BITCOIN at $7450
please wait for the price of render at INTRA R1 in order to validate this pattern
for more updates gives this analysis a Thumbs up!
交易進行: Hmmm,
交易進行: HARMONIC PATTERN - Bearish Cyper Identified on M60 Chart!
交易進行: Price is Struggling to break above, I'm wondering what happens next o.O
(What's your though Go up or Continue Down)
交易進行: BITCOIN Dropped as expected
Cypher Pattern Worked Perfectly!
Ain't it Beautiful? :D
Identified on M30 Chart!
(What's your move?)
at BloomFX - Forex signals

for B2B -
Down is a real possibility. But if we go up I think max to 8k and than further down
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BloomFisher loekdebruijn
@loekdebruijn, Let's wait for more confirmation in order to buy then! :)
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BTC 4K? Not quite yet....
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@Sherem, Interesting, Thank you for sharing!
Hi @BloomFisher

Good eye spotting this cypher, but your BC move cannot have a candle close beyond 1.414. Try using the cypher tool when drawing sharks or cyphers, not the standard XABCD tool which can be used for all other harmonics. You'll see the cypher tool gives us a BC move of 1.429 when C is placed at wick, and as long as the candle doesn't close beyond 1.414, the 1.429 at the wick is still valid.

Sorry for nitpicking, it's very close and you'll still end up with the same targets for the drop but just wanted to let you know for future reference :)
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BloomFisher tommyf1001
@tommyf1001, Hi Tommy, Thank you for taking time to bring out this point and It's really Interesting how precise we wanna to go with our Harmonics, as per your recommendation it's a great way to Plot the pattern types especially in case of Shark or Cypher pattern but here's the major thing that lacks in Cryptocurrency is that price in each exchange always renders in different wick size with closing duration for Example, BITFINEX has a lower token spread compare to Coinbase or Binance which causes an issue where one wick is higher where the other one is lower on the same ticker chart and hence we a dynamic chart or you can call an average with an estimate to plot those Harmonic patterns but staying within the limits of the rules for each pattern, :)
tommyf1001 BloomFisher
@BloomFisher, I completely agree which is why I'm never too picky if the values are slightly off from where they should be according to Carney's rules of harmonics. However when drawing sharks and cyphers, it is a requirement to use the cypher tool on TV (not XABCD). It's just below the XABCD tool, which should be used on all other harmonics.
What I was trying to point out is that 1.789 value is way out of range for a cypher and I'm assuming that is because you used the XABCD tool, not the cypher to.
When you re-draw with cypher tool, it gives the correct value to be a cypher.
I was making the same mistake for a while until someone more experienced with harmonics pointed that out to me and helped me out. Hopefully this helps you too :)
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BloomFisher tommyf1001
@tommyf1001, We'll Pick that up next time :)
great work @BloomFisher
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BloomFisher MoonPickle
@MoonPickle, Thank you for your appreciation! :)
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