No Bitcoins for Christmas

No Beersies for Christmas please
評論: this worked:
評論: oh wonder, how did i know it would try 7900 briefly
評論: correction:

Not quite sure how to interpret your chart. Would you mind explaining how you came up with the 2.8k projection?
Sabibaby pnspeculator
@pnspeculator, Which bitcoin will be the real bitcoin? might be some confusion for a bit and spook the market or so other calamity could occur or it spikes to 10k!
@Sabibaby, The corrections of the previous 2 cycles maxed out at roughly .618 or so, which if applied here will be around 5k. A correction down to 3k levels and below would be a correction of the entire year's bull run, not just this recent run from September. I wonder if S2X went wrong it would be enough to cause this... certainly hope it will be :)
fineregex pnspeculator
@pnspeculator, yes 2017 3 x +2000 was just a lot. Now i dont expect it to grow in 2018 (compae 2014)
January 1,2,3 may be good days for a midterm bottom.
If it would have happened once (1 x 2000) and stayed and not have started spliting ("forked") then 2018 could be more hype i guess.
Splits are not bad immediately or even fine if you keep both. But what we talk about is BTC only, the original remainder...
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hahah great one .. Thanks for sharing . Id better move to some Alts
fineregex mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, good for now, but in USD many of them can fall too midterm. Need to chose carefully to find one for longterm holding (besides steem dollar, $USD + some interest rate)
We hit top at 8K and then dip to 2.8k? if so would be a great time to fill our BTC bags.
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mooneymoonman sliminish
@sliminish, ill put my wife and dog on ebay...........on second thoughts ill keep my dog.
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sliminish mooneymoonman
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