BTC/USD 1D long position

btc             complete ABCD pattern and its pullback
now i think it's upward turn
tp1: 17220 $
tp2: 19620 $
in 1D time frame:
andicators shows low sellers in ADX but aolo there is no strong buyer yet. if RSI brack downward trend and reach over 61.8 in day frame, it's big strong buy signal
in this situation that BTC             is low price it's better that move on altcoins and get more bitcoins             with trade them in upward bitcoin             movement
also dont worry about bitcoin             price, becuse its price will back on top.
soon as possible
評論: after this correction total trend is still upward
also it's totally ordinary, in real marketing after upwards trend it's necessary to be correct
so do not panic sell and HODL your BTC even until 8000 $
my previous analysis is still valid
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