Broke through Parallel channel & Range low to extend lower into the bottom of our shorter term parallel.
Dip thus far has stopped at some good fib extension levels :
.764 off 6th -> 11th -> 13th december move
.618 off 17th(dec) -> 22nd(dec) -> 6th (jan)
Slightly below those areas is the .618 fib retracement off the 12th november - 17th december climb
RSI stopped at the 30 level as it did on previous moves lower

See if we break back into the range and above the .5 retrace or extend the losses further
Previous jan performances :
2015: -31.42%
2016: -14.81%
2017: Break even
2018: ? (so far -10%)
評論: If we follow the bearish flag break correctly
評論: Pretty strong RSI divergence
@Chalfie24 - is the diagonal yellow line near the bottom the 20 period MA of the 1W chart? If so would that make the short exit target around 9000?
Chalfie24 tigerpause
@tigerpause, It's a potential trend line, 200 DMA is close by
tigerpause Chalfie24
@Chalfie24, it looks really good, thanks for all the hard work. i've made a couple of reasonable shorts so far but it's been tricky because currently on a flight from LA to London so not exactly ideal technical analysis conditions :-)
tigerpause tigerpause
@chalfie24 - is my fib retracement from the peak on 16th Dec drawn correctly?
Chalfie24 tigerpause
@tigerpause, That's a fib channel not a fib retracement right?
tigerpause Chalfie24
@Chalfie24, Sorry - super exhausted and jet lagged - only slept about an hour on the flight. You're right of course. Does it look right?
Chalfie24 tigerpause
@tigerpause, Yeah looks good.
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