BTCUSD Watch bottom for buy

Hi there 25k , Target is active. Please show some patience and let the market move.

How you can trade.

1. Watch bottom for buy.

2. in case, we see breakdown then wait and watch for the price to test 786 fib lines and then look for buy.

Short term target will be inside the channel. But longer term target is 25k

25k is achievable for BTC .
評論: Watch this 15 minute time frame. Remember Trend lines are for just informational purpose. We use trend lines so that we can see patterns on chart. If you have no idea about patterns then carfull.
You have to make decision of rbuy only then when we will see price action at bottom if we dont see price action there is no buy. If you dont understand all these things like patetrns trend lines or price action. Then learn them before trading or before making any comment which tells us that how much knowledge you have about trading.

I am posting this comment just for example one user has commented that yesterday ( That's the worse chart I've ever seen, how did you get a PRO label?)

He is having 0 knowledge about trading and even 0 knowledge about TV how it works.

So watch this update and look for impuls from bottom. If we dont see that no buying it will keep pushing for downside for short period of time. I will update this idea soon in new post.
評論: One more wave down is possible before reversal
評論: We got the breakout of the trend reversal pattern finally.

Whats next.

1. watch bottom of the expanding triangle for price action for buy if not in from bottom.

2. Or wait for the price to test the previous low for buy. where we have seen impulse.

3. In case we see new low we will look for buy only. There is no sell.

評論: So far it is doing okey. This is the next step. Watch bottom for buy if not in.

Just keep one in thing your mind before making any decision for buy. It is not rising aggressively.

So if it breaks the bottom of the expanding triangle we will look for more buy at bottom of the impulse.

評論: This is the pattern which is just developing.

Current correction is so huge in terms of price.

But in terms of The trend the trend we are having from bottom. It is quite normal.

Technical analysis cannot help to understand the actual price movements. We have to take a tight look what's going on in the crpytocurrency scene and especially around Bitcoin. There are three main reasons why the market price of Bitcon hits rock bottom. 1. There are new faster cryptocurrencies available which can offer cheaper transactions. 2. The price of the Bitcoin is under pressure because USA seized Bitcoins for 300 million USD and Bulgaria seized Bitcoins worth 3.5 billion USD. Both countries are selling this huge amount of Bitcoins over the next months. 3. The number of Bitcoin users is rapidly shrinking for several reasons. Because the price of cryptocurrency is tight related to the number of useres, the price of the Bitcoin will drop dramatically and it will not recover on the short term.
alternatively count:
near to the EMA 200 (H1) can be the wave 4 done... that would be confirmed if we afterwords see 5-waves down - deeper as blue 3

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@NeverNO, we go deeper, much deeper.

I think we are not finished with the 4 ... if I'm right with the chart, I assume that it can be february - deep, then upwards...

the bottom could be betw. 8180 & 8002

NeverNO NeverNO

blue lines are TP for long and the red for short...
NeverNO NeverNO
the small yellow c (of blue 4) can go even higher... just not above the blue 1
you can check it with EMA 200 in H1

david311278 muhammadaliimran
@muhammadaliimran, and it was only 5000 dollors to early -- amazing
Wave-Trader david311278
@david311278, You are such a big troller David Taylor.
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david311278 Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, i got lucky on all 3 coins using real trading techniques not guess work
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