BTCUSD bubble blast trend untill $1000 in September

2017 was buying year
2018 will be selling year
Whales are shorting BTC to buy the dip! And if the dip is zero, there will be no interest in shorting because if you multiply any big number by zero you will obtain zero.
After every correction completed in the past, BTC rebounded and achieved an all time higher price. Is this correction different from the others, If yes please explain in what?
There are no signals that crypto is going to die, but we can see the opposite of that. A lot of exchanges in these days closed their doors for new registrations because their servers are not able to handle the huge amount of requests. And what that mean? more demand => higher market capitalization => higher prices.
This might be the most stupid chart I've seen on TradingView so far. Reminder that the chart's author predicted that BTC would top at 30k.
viparmenia wernerbh
@wernerbh, Stupids are the one who believe that bitcoin is "real" market when the have of money in Crypto market is FAKE money named Tether.
To stop the crush tether and bitfinex are pumping hundreds of millions per day like a Central Banks managing the FIAT.
Only this week there were 450million Tether "printed"

Stupids are the one who thing Bitcoin is already alternative to FIAT, when there is a long way to go before the FIAT could be eliminated.

Bad chart, times have changed. Everybody knows bitcoin now, in 2015 not.
I think that you clearly show that BTC is not going to bearish but bullish as the 2013 bull run shows way steeper climbs before it became bearish.
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