What many traders think vs. What I think

Just like the chart image below, Many traders' TA shows that the corrective wave will reach between 0.382~0.618 fib level which is around $7,200~$7,600. However, you guys know what Bitcoin likes to do these days. It doesn't want to do opposite of what traders say! So here is other possible scenario. We might actually have finished our correction which only retraced 0.238 since bulls are too strong. One of the back up reason for this is that what people think wave b is consisted of 12345 impulsive wave structure so I think it might be our first impulsive wave. But of course if it breaks $7,800, this becomes invalidated.

評論: I meant to say bitcoin wants to do opposite of what traders say.

This is also possible case where wave 5 is truncated.

If this count is still valid

Here's what i uploaded on korean server. And so far I am quite right.

I mean this one
Bitcoin trading signal (비트코인):
Futures trading signal (해외선물):
Youtube: Nexgen Trading Channel
Instagram: nexgen_trading
And yes, the 1 hour ichimoku cloud is showing lower supports, seems that we are having a correction from now.
Did you take those fibo levels from the weekly chart?
Tommy_Heize babyjungle
@babyjungle, i don’t quite get what u r saying. It’s 15m chart which is the timeframe i use for mainly observing the sub-waves.
Yea I agree - the Bitstamp chart is seeing an ascending triangle on 1 hour chart with RSI reaching apex of a symmetrical triangle
@tecknit, I should check that out for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your analysis!
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