BTCUSDT is the bear market is really finish ?

Hi guys,

Last update i was posting a bullish count. This count had been invalidated by an overbuying unsustainable momentum. I was clearly expecting a correction before going to an higher value. Let remind that correction allows new people occasion to enter. This market left many of undecided buyers on the side while the price climbed too much for a number of buyers to buy the dips and make a sustainable price climb.

On this chart we might have touched the upper resistance while on the log chart the fatty resistance was 12.4k. If this count appear to be right we going to see 3k while on the log chart its more like 2k. The overbought dynamics imply that imuplsive waves might be complete and allows the perspective to believe that the market might not have finished his correction. Remember that correction/dips is essential for any sustained bullish momentum, recent days didnt allows a maximum of buyers to enter in my opinion.

Here is the log chart :
評論: this was my healty bullish count but invalidated by overbuying :
評論: Here are the ssopprt trend line :

8K are on each of my projection. There is a clear pivot point there. I suggest to make an update once/if we get there to include all data to have a better vision if its an ABC of a retracement before higher values.
評論: its an ABC OR a retracement before higher values.
評論: (correction of the last sentence)
I can not believe that BTC will drop bellow that price!
mrga2411, You should . Btc will drop to 9k2
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