BTCUSDT : Price update and crucial data

Hi guys,

So here my weekly post

  • Target (reviewed) : 2.8k-4k
  • Pattern : ABCDE correction with Zig zag 5,3,5 on shorter time frame. ABC correction on bigger time frame. Fibonacci full retracement at 3.5k.
  • Crucial data : Volatility calculation (calculated by Srezz) implies that if we close below 7775 the next zone is 2.8k but i will stay conservative with my fibo full retracement at 3.5k
  • Opinion : highly probable
  • Chart
    1) 60 min - Zig zag 5,3,5

    2) 1D - ABCDE (not showed) with ABC variant
    original post

    3) 1W - ABC correction

交易進行: if you didnt folow all the story. Heres my older post :
交易進行: If this count is valid as i project we may go verticaly down. Worked at hospital tonight and tired. i will give target later and it will give us time to see if the count is the one i project !
交易進行: As projected in the precendent chart we going down verticaly. 1-2 major with 1-2s sub and minor
交易進行: Anterio scenario still on the table :
交易進行: And this one still on the table :
交易結束:目標達成: I would wait to confirm it but it seems that we going for ths scenario :
評論: Weekly post maybe tonight. Stay tuned !
評論: Im starting to be curious about how the alts behave. I think a new weekly post with both bullish and bearish count tomorrow would be better than the bearish count.

My questions are :
Does alts market behave is a pro-factor of BTC behavior ?
By focusing on a bearish count does I have missed key elements ?

Why waiting for tomorrow ? -More data, better projection !
any update?
SimonMercier cardan6006
@cardan6006, i posted this scenario, i will wait for more data before posting a new one :
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this flat structure was very strange last few days, any theories?
SimonMercier Bobby_Petrino
@Bobby_Petrino, it fits the flat structure of a wave 1-2
SimonMercier SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, bearish 1-2* but it can also be invalidated if we got for a major C as pictured in the original post.
SimonMercier Bobby_Petrino
@Bobby_Petrino, if this beriash structure stay valid, we going down hard. but really hard :
good luck , Simon!
+1 回覆
we will go 1 leg up still
SimonMercier yshashmi37
@yshashmi37, yea for subwaves 1-2 but the idea here is when we gonna go throught wave 3 its gonna be vertical toward floor
yshashmi37 SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, wave 2 is not done yet
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