Current Probable Situation BTCUSD

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
Bearish Deep Crab
Bearish ABCD
Bullish Three Drives
2 of three identified show bearish market sentiment.
Likely will now pullback for current reversal then selling will begin as an overall pullback uptrend.
I expect RSI to bounce off MBL meaning it would form a new low for the uptrend we are witnessing.
評論: Indicator Recommended: Traders Dynamic Index
評論: If on the Daily chart RSI maintains at 50 will mean support for price and could save Bitcoin from the bears' abyss.
評論: Very Probable Good News: RSI support from 50 level
評論: Expecting RSI to cross up TSL bull run hopefully
評論: Recheck, bull run hope vanished:
交易結束:目標達成: Take Profit 1
交易結束:目標達成: Take Profit 2
I still believe BTC is going to 12 or 13k. Don't you agree?
@ViperVenom, That would mean Bitcoin has to (drop) Retrace to $7,000, to afterwards extend to ~$13,000.
@ViperVenom, Otherwise from now to ~$8,000 retracement can extend to $15,000.
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ViperVenom YardleyRosette
Hmm well I see it dropping to 8.8k on 4 hour Ichimoku cloud, before rebounding back up.
Nice job!
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YardleyRosette venturetrade
@venturetrade, Thank you, I encourage you to do Technical Analysis, even as private idea for your own benefit of mastering the skill.
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