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Hi guys,

As you already know we are in a clear bear market right now. I shown concern about this eventuality 2 weeks ago in older BTSBTC post about the MACD 1D crossing the signal (early bearish market sign).

Here we are today, fighting against the bear. AS we had so much bull momentum i didnt clearly called the red flag, but inside me i was preparing myself for that. Thats why i putted everything in fiat and returned at 4000 sats lvl in BTS basing myself on the 4h consolidation. At this time it was more a bet than a professionnal move. MACD 1D chart wasnt showing clear reversal data. The other mistake i made was to not put stop loss at 3800 sats resistance. So im here contemplating my 30 dcember 2017 bearish call with empirical evidence and asking why i didnt listened to myself.

These are these situation were i learned the most in the past and that make me better at making TA. Feelings are our own worst ennemy, emotions drives logics aside and make you put yourself in bad position most of the time. Everyone should look at each events and try to understand how to be better the next time. Thats what im doing right now. Making this present loss as a futur investment by growing my knowledge and building trust toward my method, knowing how i behave to prevent this in further event. I may add, keeping an 10-15% in fiat to buy the dips will be considered as a futur holding strategy to buy the dips

As i expect a BTC price going to 9kUSD, BTS might really see those targets. Im a long term hodler for BTS so i can cope easily with the bearish market. My only regrets i to not have behave according to data which would have permit me to stack more BTS !

Take care guys,
Go outside breath fresh air during this bearish market, dont worry, be happy,
評論: wave 3 target reviewed :
評論: keeping an eye on Stan Larimer expected annoucement.

There is a rumorson steemit that AriseBank might make an annoucement about BTS : But nothing on Jared Rice Sr. (AriseBank CEO) twitter.
評論: AriseBank just confirmed the buy of 2 banks :

What ive read is the will integrate everything on DEX using/locking BTS
交易進行: wave 3 target reached
評論: wave 3 completed tonight at 2.5k lvl as my reviewed target was showing. on going sub wave 4 for 4k level
評論: wave 4 target seems to fail, we seem to have a smaller wave 4 than expected
交易進行: BTS seems to start weave 5 soon. Everything near 1800 sats is bargain. I will post a buy alert at the reversal (wave 5).
評論: wave 5 incoming
交易進行: so according to my projection , 4000 sats or so was my wave 4 target. ive called earlier that wave 4 target have failed. but im starting to think that we might just have extend in time for wave 4. im ready to see a new lower low as i still expect btc to visit 8-9k. we are EXACTLY (!) where i expected bts bearish wave 4 of 5 and macd 4h is about to crossing signal which indicate a reversal. according to this hypothesis i might have called wave 5 incoming to early. IUnteresting time ahead

What is important as a trader to know is that price MIGHT visit a lower low. Being informed of that a good trader will set stop loss, which i will. Then buy cheaper if we go there (wave 5 target)
評論: Little update. Remember the post about 'THIS SUPPORT LINE MUST RESIST' :

Now this old support line is a resistance line, see :

Its been almost 1 month since i warned about a bearish movement

I still have hope that BTS bounce right up at the support line but habitually when MACD 1D cross the signal it must be follow by a upward movement while BTS follow the bearish route thats why the bearish 1-5 wave count still remain.
評論: In both scenario, i will be there with yall. Good days or bad days : BTS !
評論: signs of reversal at macd 1h and stabilization at macd 4h. low volume of sellers.
手動結束交易: Signs of reversal + good holder dominance = less lower lows ! Im proud of us and the line we hodled. This is what happen, complet reversal, no panic sell. closed, new update will follow
Great work mate!
@djtreacy, thanks sir !
Thanks Simon :-))
do you think it would be stupid to take out BTS at 4000? and rebutting at 2000? or too risky? I've lost so much money man....followed Haejin too much, he didn't predict this was going to happen...
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Bullion_Money RoyceNewton
@RoyceNewton, Yeah must be 20 shit year. didnt know that 18-20k was wave 5. seen so many on here that did al the way back to november
SimonMercier RoyceNewton
@RoyceNewton, we have see 4000 sats as projected. according to my projection we going to see 1800-2000 sats or so
Question. If I take my BTS and take a BTS.USD (At 4k BTS LEVEL) loan secured with BTS and then BTS goes to wave 5 subwave 2k can I just cancel the contract and get double my BTS?????
SimonMercier Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, i would need more knowledge to answer you properly. I understand the fundamental of Bit.USD but not how to use it properly and i dont consider my knowledge suffisent on this to give advice.. What ive read is Bit.USD act as a kind of leverage on a BTS bear market.
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Wave 3 is 18000 REACHED? When were
SimonMercier Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, wave 3 of the current trend. my reviewed target for wave 3 bearish was 2500 we shoulkd see a minor impulse up to wave 4
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