POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Hi guys,

DGB have many indicator that show a recovery and early signs of a bullish market. I see from experience early impulse waves forming major 1-2 minor 1-2 and sub 1-2 for an ongoing projected Bullish run that going to be the next waves (3-4-5).

I will not post price projection at this point since that my method is gonna be to work with waves counts. I prefer to stay conservative at this early stage. DGBUSD need some more time but we can use DGBBTC to transpose the behavior on the DGBUSD chart. I find inappropriate to pseculate on the target at this point but will do as soon as i get some more confirmations and data.

I entered yesterday at 280 and plan to sit on it and post later when i think its safe to take profit for me.

As always you take your own decision but from my perspective its looking good as well as other alts chart like BTS .

1) 1D chart :

I have not too many time to detail, i didnt put trend as im waiting confirmation from data, didnt shown all the indicator. But im sure you can make your own conclusion with how i used indicator to follow the bearish run in the past.

If you have question, post them !
Hey Simon, what Sat level would be a good entry in the near future? I'm sitting in Fiat.
@djtreacy, i think we may visit 290 again but i dont have enough data to be 100% sure of it
djtreacy SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, Thanks so much Simon :-)
@djtreacy, no problem treacy !
@djtreacy, did you bought at 295?
djtreacy SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, I got in a little bit higher, around 320. DGB is one of my long term holds. Didn't want to miss out, and careful to balance it's rising in sats, against a potentially falling or stable $USD value if BTC drops. Relieved to have a position and will cautiously watch closely at what BTC does :-)
Thanks for all your help :-)
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hi any idea about RDD pls?
@Soms04, can take a look this afternoon
Nice idea Simon. I like your alt ideas.
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1.618 fibo.. M3 4200.. Sub3 in M3 1400..
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