DJI 2018 should be great! Crash in 2-3 years maybe after Trump.

DJ:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Notice something?

Dude last time the market consolidated i would argue that the market wasnt fully undervalued... and to say it would go that high is a stretch
@M27Dragon, Did you factor inflation and the discounted cash flow? the chart could mean inflation is going to be extreme.... all those cryto hype around, anything can happen, fingers cross.
@M27Dragon, LOL. Once again! My TA apparently priced in the inflation. It doesn't look unrealistic anymore, does it? Mad Skills bro, MAD SKILLZ :D
prediction taken too far.. not meaningful for trading.. millions of factors working at any given time. Humble opinion
@Sachinsyd, True, but that's what the fib says, not me... I think its absurd too but, we don't decide in the market. Bubbles are illogical though...
no way. this is a buuble now. it can burst any time. 26.000 is a buble.
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Avasreader PRO aLtinCoCuK
@aLtinCoCuK, ...... it just broke out from the consolidation on 2013, we are in the middle of 3rd Elliott wave, it will be a longggg run! and I do not see a curvy bubble shape to call it a bubble lol. But realistically crash is a crash because it comes with no warning. so its any man's guess :D
Wow. serious bull market ahead!
router21 router21
@router21, better to my calls though :)
@router21, ;)
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