Enigma (ENG) - Buy opportunity coming up

BITTREX:ENGBTC   Enigma / Bitcoin
792 9
Feeling lazy, this is going to be a short one.

- This is a 4 hr chart
- ENG finished 5 waves, we are now in correction

- Buy in at red box
- Target is the labelled green box on the top
(Previous targets for subwave 3 & 5 are the blue boxes)

*Please do not blindly follow my analysis. As a matter of fact, if you blindly follow anyone's analysis, you most likely don't know what the heck you're doing.

Good luck trading!
交易進行: bounced strong from .382
I bought some at 39xx.

If it goes up it goes up, if it drops i will add more at lower price.
評論: We will have to recount the waves on this one. Will update later today.
And did u recount the waves? :-)
AlexCH praet0rian
Sell wall @ 42000
Looks like the wall is dissappearing ... breakout imminent
Do you think it will go so far down?
@gegene, I think in a normal market it would, the technical he uses to get that buy level are sound. In a bull market like we are experiencing, I could see it continue to go up. Especially because this is a good project, and a lot of other horrible projects are valued higher.
gegene Eric_Lenson
thanks...yeah, technicals being sound and market reality way off in this case.
I disagree, I believe we just finished primary wave 3:
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@Foxace36, Interesting, thank you!
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