EOS/BTC 4hr Catching that next Target

EOS is one of my reloads as profits were taken elsewhere. However, approaching this market just now is too early---I just do not like the symmetry just yet. However, upside potential is there. And there are technical tracks all over the place. I will TA my usual white box and go from there. At least, that's my educational opinion ;-)

評論: Still waiting for better symmetry. Hey, this thing may just rip but I'd rather wait for the confirmation if not already LOng.
評論: Quick trade but reload on the retrace
評論: Cleaned up for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
評論: No need to adjust my stop yet.
評論: Had some extra time to add some additional TA. Adjusted target
評論: Better subdivision forming.
評論: Apologies. Minor corrections
手動結束交易: New chart in the morning. Not liking this
交易進行: Waiting for pullback
評論: Fellow traders and followers, I had to preface this to say that I will not be able to devote as much time to assisting and working with our fellow traders as frequently. Yes, I did and will ALWAYS say that I am a technical trader and ultra long term Crypto Bull--on a few particular coins ;-). However, longmoney has taken a lot of profits during this correction. And I have some needed upgrades to attend to in order to accommodate my trading setup.

But longmoney isn't leaving Tradingview. I give back because the more money I make, the more money we all make. I will be upgrading my Account Subscription plan to accommodate more time to my new trading setup and long term trading goals and needs. Once that is complete, I will be able to add other website and contact information a la carte.


Needs more work but at first glance we made our money. I will work on this chart next

評論: Chart incoming...
holy fak nice
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longmoney TheRichest
@DatNgo, Thx
I hate EOS, but damn that was a MONEY call!
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@icculus, Hate it too
money money money
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