BITTREX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Wave 1 had 5 sub-waves that linearly progressed in price. Wave 3 often breaks the trend line of wave 1. Expect a 150% return in about 2 weeks. Could go higher, so I will watch for signs of reversal.

If this really is the end of wave 1, then our target is dropped quite a bit. Still a possible 100% gain from entry in the buy box.

This is an ABCDE bullish correction. If you haven't entered yet, entering along the bottom half the channel will be a nice entry. It will rocket as we are approaching wave 3.

交易進行: OH CRAP I FORGOT TO ACTIVATE THE TRADE HAHA.. I meant to do this like 7 dollars ago. ITS NOT DISAPPOINTING ME!

Guys, If we hit these targets on THIS 3rd SUB-wave. I have a REALLY big surprise for you that even I can't believe. But, we will take baby steps.
評論: If you want re-entry on ETC NOW is the time!

Here's why I say this. Let's learn together. Candle stick reading is very important. A hammer indications rejection to the bottom. A doji also represents trend reversal. It's literally saying that the bears are giving there last, hardest pushes and they are just being rejected by the bulls.

Combine that with a channel, low volume levels and a BOUNCE off the .618 you have yourself an uptrend accumulating. ;D
評論: I'm not liking what I'm seeing. We need to hold this price level. It's possible that we are still correcting from the last BIG wave and could see a reversal. It's just not making the progress that I think it should so I'm definitely watching this one closely. I know Bitcoin made an impact overnight, but things are looking iffy. A .786 isn't an uncommon retrace, but we're on wave 3, we should be kicking gears.
評論: We're going to watch ETC close from now on. It just retraced the full amount of that run. There are two likely scenarios here:

1) We can now call this whole run wave 1
2) We are still in correction from previous ATH

I'm still bullish long-term. Short-term I'm neutral. Do we sell now? HELL NAH, people are panic selling, you may see it go lower again, but we'll bounce. We're getting too oversold for it not to bounce.

Now everyone say my golden rule with me:

"Based on the MOST relevant timeline, we never sell in oversold conditions, and we never buy in overbought conditions."

When things settle, I will probably upload new targets, as they may now be higher than previous (IF we aren't still in correction mode). I'm still in the trade and I'm losing money too, but no way am I panicking right now.

This is actually the only way that I can count it (well, you could even say an WXY Correction). I love seeing unusual things like this happen. This is the ONLY possible count that could confirm an uptrend here.

So what I'm doing now is using my indicators to confirm my count. We just gained support from the 3 hour EMA (this is big). We are ALSO still bullish on the 3 hour RSI. IF we break that bullish support at 40 RSI then I will likely think about closing the trade. But I don't think we will have to get to that point.

My laptop is getting worn out, I've been on it too much. So I'm taking a break to let it settle, I'm confident in my positions. Let me know if you guys have some recommendations for nice desktop computers with dual monitors that are good for day trading!
評論: Guys, I stopped in to check in on ETC. I'm getting some Bearish signals. Wave count is unclear, RSI is reaching resistance and MACD isn't reaching my target levels. I will likely not close this trade or look at this coin more since I'm not currently trading it. But it's possible we are still correcting from the last big uptrend! Keep your eyes out for signs of reversal!

Not looking good! Remember when I make these "big gain" posts, they are more "investment like" trades. Even if they still fail to breakout when I think they will, the targets are pretty much on for the most part. It just takes a lot of patience for it to happen. Unfortunately I think this one is still correcting. Too many bearish signs and I'm not getting a clear Wave count. If we stay above these support lines, break RSI resistance and get above the candle stick resistance line, then I think we can head north. But it's hard to say for now.
評論: ETC on the Move!!

I believe ETC still has some juice left. Here is a broader look of where I believe we're at in progress! I think things should be wrapping up in about 2 weeks with this one!
Loving the updates. Can't go wrong with the iMac pro...except for mobility and of course cost.
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target 1 and 2 still open?
Thanks for the great job man.
great man!! lelts moon together!
Hi. Thnx for charts. Any updates?
thanks .
Eball8 belyounes
@belyounes, Welcome, but check my new update. I don't want to mislead you.
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