Sadly another pennant has been broken down, 1/2 line support broken. I think we are going down at least to 0.035 then it may be possible to go further up IF 1/1 fann works as resistance correctly.
評論: Someone just now literally stopped downfall by putting ~2000 btc on bids which instantly reversed direction.
評論: From wider perspective, this may be still correct as we are back in pennant.
評論: Wider perspective analysis
Nice work! Ive been following you for couple days.
I have a question, if you want to invest for a long term which one you pick bitcoin, ethereum, lisk or maybe you have other coin in mind?
and could you tell me the reason why? when i said long term means really long, its like for your life time saving.
Thousand thanks in advance.... cheers
n0xTrader papaya383838
Thanks for comment.
I think ethereum is overbought now and has lots of unsolved problems and i haven't saw Vitalik or his team proposing any idea on this.
Dash is great, however not to buy on this price level, if it reaches 0.02-0.03 - it might be good price to buy very long. Dash is actually the continuation of what Satoshi had in mind. "On-chain digital cash". While Bitcoin Core developers took very much different path which divides community - either way i think Bitcoin will be the king and will grow along with price in future.

What think is really great long term investment and can do crazy things in future like etheruem did is Lisk.
Lisk is basically very similar to ethereum but in Lisk:
-Node operator will be able to chose if they want to run Lisk node only for securing Lisk blockchain or to support other applications which may or may not provide reward for it.
-In fact, Lisk will not need to process every instruction of every contract/app deployed on platform unlike ethereum. So it's very, very scalable solution.
-Their team have lots of lots of money. They currently have 10k btc and some other holdings along with 1 mln eur ? This is much more than ethereum foundation have as far i know with little bit wiser management.
-Build in Delegate Market, App Store etc.

-Everything running on Javascript, it might be con for some people but as far i know they will be migrating to TypeScript this year. Anyway, any language is fine if used properly. So this con maybe only sort of rumour for non programmers.
-They had some organisation problems on beginning which caused lose of faith in project, but as far i have checked they have foundation now, access to money and hired people (looks ok).

Check my other analysis, i think in year we might reach 120-500k satoshi while now we are at 30k.

Anyway before investing, do some research on your own :)

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