The idea is purely for educational purposes and SHOULD NOT be considered as trading advice.

Based on my understanding of the market cycles I have tried to summarize how the money flows into the crypto market using Bitcoin USD and Large Cap Index/ BTC price as reference.
The large cap index consists of XRP, ETH, LTC, ETC, NEM , XMR - basically large caps which are consistently in the top 15 since 2016 and covers more than 50% of the altcoin market. There are several reasons why newer alts(like BCH, Cardano, Neo) are not considered for the analysis, lack for sufficient historical data being the primary reason.
Moreover, I have seen the market to move in tandem i.e. all altcoins go up and down togeather so the index is sufficient to study the market cycles.

I hope you like the idea. Please share and follow incase you find it useful.

I am also curious about why
so according to your analysis, the alts should dip now?
saurabhbansal123 joachim.snellings
@joachim.snellings, yes, the index is going to consolidate, there can be a few alts which go up as well but bitcoin dominance is going to increase slightly.
So far so good man. You might have the winning diagram even though you did not anticipate the minor pullback yesterday due to the hack however so far its pretty impressive.
Hope so man Hope so if this is correct i will be doing backflips
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