ETHUSD Ichimoku+RSI Neutral-Bull Foreshadowing

KRAKEN:ETHUSD   以太坊 / 美元
Trade with care! This is still a bear market, but just as corrections can go down, they can go up. Right now it looks like the market will correct upward, and 330 USD looks like an optimistic target. This still needs to be analyzed over the next few days, but I wouldn't be surprised if a huge rally came up. Sell volume is going down for both ETH and BTC and long positions are coming in.

My main telltale-heuristic sign is USDT, which despite the huge selloff is stabilizing at 1:1. Watching it tells me people are slowing down the crash and bulls could make a run.

This doesn't mean that the market will have a full reversal. I wouldn't overcommit to this position, but from watching all scales, I think 200 stays the bottomline for the time being.

If you ask me, I'm feeling neutral, going from bear to bull.
評論: I would like to request readers to avoid confirmation bias. If your position is in the red due to the crash, stay cool and realize this might not be "it". Stay true to the facts. I am opening a super small position myself.
評論: We got to 202 USD! Almost to the baseline. Unless the price undershoots, we might we some breathing room.
評論: First green candle. The 15min candles hit the cloud resistance, so I expect some pullback.
評論: Around 250 USD after breaking some resistance. The way the price is moving around here could signal consolidation in this level.
評論: Maybe it's not clear from the chart, but the bounce up usually takes as long as the way down. I'm sitting on my position for a few days.
評論: The price seems to have found footing around 230 USD. I expect oscillation around it until the next leg up.
評論: I checked against USDT again, and this last dip could be due to long positions closing. I'm pretty sure many people opened positions sub-210. The flatline at 235 probably pushed them into closing.

In my opinion, the bounce up is still in place.
評論: The price keeps floating around 235. As the 1H closes in on the cloud and the 30min on the choke, we will see some movement. If you want a time estimate, it could be after 3-4 hours after this update.
評論: Short rally took ETHUSD over the cloud on the 15min and 30min. Let's see if it goes to 250 USD.
評論: Longed from 244 to 255. Sorry I didn't update that. Everything happened so quickly.
評論: Back in at 250 USD. The price has buy signals from 1H as well. No target in mind. I'll wait for Ichimoku sell signals.
評論: Closed at 255 USD.
評論: First green MACD tick on 4H. Trendlines seem to be stabilizing.
評論: Might get some downtrend to 245 USD and then I expect the rally to resume. MACD diverged too hard and RSI is dipping back in. Still expect support around the 245 area.
評論: I was AFK. Now I'm ecstatic.
評論: Rode a long from 260 to 283. I closed and I might reopen in the dip. If the rally continues, I will reopen near 285 USD.
評論: Watch around 245 USD for oscillations. The price will probably go back into that range. Depending on later signals I will reopen there or lower.
評論: Doji forming on 1H. We might see a dip coming. I don't know if 245 USD is still a suitable target, so I'll stick with 260 USD.
交易結束:目標達成: It didn't care. In any case, we got to 300 USD. The original idea is to get to 330 USD, but I'm not sure if it will happen. If you want to take profit, I think 300 or 305 is a good range.
評論: It turns out I cant delete posts, so I'll just spam a donation address. Send me your ETH here 0xF7Dc813B5c746F777DD29c94b7558ADE7577064e.
Could see it go to 240
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hirounsung Ravness
@Ravness, WHERE ARE YOU?!
Ravness hirounsung
@hirounsung, Losing my money on ethereum scam coin
hirounsung Ravness
@Ravness, HODL
I think as long as we hold above 230 for few hours, it is upward trend.
hirounsung derektwlee
@derektwlee, yeah. I think it's important to remember that the bounce won't happen over a few hours. It could last up to 3 days until it catches some momentum.
derektwlee hirounsung
@hirounsung, Thanks for advice :)
Good to see your ideas on tradingview, dude!
I like how you're keeping this updated, thats what a lot of would-have been good charts on here are lacking
Will stay watching

Personally macd is too far in the red to feel comfortable going long until maybe tomorrowish, but thats because i'm relaxing a bit more risk-averse presently in my wagecuck safety net :P
@bokeb, thanks. I like to make the charts be more than lines, as well as adding relevant updates. It might just be my academic background, but I like documentation.
lets see... nice post!
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