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The market dropped to a strong support zone formed by MA100 and 200.00 level. This zone is important for the market. Here we can get more insight about further price movements. Let's look at the signals from the main indicators. MACD histogram confirms downward movement. But falling ADX line shows that we are going to see range market conditions. We should not expect strong price movements within several days. For confirmation upward movement we'll need a price breakout above the downtrend line. MACD histogram will have to rise and support this price movement. The additional confirmation that the market is going to move upward we'll be from DMI indicator. For downward movement, the market will have to break the support zone . After that we'll be able to see price falling to 140.00 support level . If the market can break this support too, the next target will be at 100.00 support level . The downward movement will have to be confirmed by MACD histogram and DMI indicator. What should we do now in such market conditions? Wait for clear signals from the market and follow them.
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@DLavrov it looks like we might see ETH falling to the 140 support line. It is coming down slowly.
@penaf, Suddenly shooting up! It's at 195.74 right now and climbing more
penaf mitarcher
@mitarcher, I might need to cancel my 140 order. I might stay awake tonight. Lol
+1 回覆
@penaf, best of luck!
After the dip today, do you think further losses are to be expected withing the next hours?
+2 回覆
Can you please give insight on ETh in six 6months?
@S2306, I don't know the future.
+3 回覆
@DLavrov, LOL
It's trying to break as we speak.
+4 回覆
@rohogaka, because of the BTC disruption, everyone is moving to safer place.
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