EUR / NZD - Quick opportunity for this downtrend - SHORT

FX:EURNZD   歐元 / 紐元
Ascending triangle in a downtrend, below the moving averages, falling volume , flat RSI on this timeframe, long rejection wicks on the hourly timeframe, seriously weak Euro and NZD after last nights report, but whose going to be weaker, I choose the Euro , in the down trend.
評論: We've broken down through the descending triangle bottom, we'll carry on beyond 1.697

交易進行: Trade active and profitable - 21/05/2018 - 04:25 @1.7042 - target 1.6105
評論: Look at those candles rejecting the moving average and lots of heavy bearish volume, we're going down! Beautiful

評論: We're currently stuck in a range, if you're not in this trade, catch an entry at the top, and wait for the breakout, to continue the downtrend, how do I know it will continue down?

We're divergent on the daily chart and volume is declining on the way, meaning we have a bearish bias and that's the direction we're going in, but obviously, we might now, anything can happen, once we break to the downside, I'm looking for my first target down at 1.69650
交易結束:目標達成: Taken profit target, I'll let the rest run....
交易結束:目標達成: Second target achieved, this turned into a lovely trade
交易結束:目標達成: Final target achieved.
評論: Re-entered this pair @1.68 a lovely move down afterwards

評論: Smashing through the 200 EMA was an important breakthrough, target now 1.62
交易結束:目標達成: Made a lot of profit on this, target achieved
How come you achieved target 1.62???
I short it last week at 1.6997. So I am on. I hope the best. My target will be 1.6980. Thank you.
@RAB2018, Glad you're enjoying it, more to come, slow on this one.... many of the others are doing very well indeed
@CBMotivation thanks! is that a long term target?
@dr90210, Yes, short term look for 1.69370
Ok thanks.
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