FX:EURTRY   歐元 / 土耳其里拉
Lets see what this pair has for us today. After asia session short spike london then sell off and NY buys it. Looks like a common pattern for this pair and USDTRY which identical buy this pair spikes higher! Now my gut says that may change. If it does drop will take it to the 200 ema for this confirmation and then hold until the 800 ema is within reach. Will see! Trade safe!
評論: well ny choose option #2
principaloverprinciple. .... Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to you for regular posts on eur/try as I love volatility of this pair and hardly people share their ideas on this. Once again keep up the good work and keep us updated for further action on eur/try. Thanks
@VarunGarg, your welcome and thank you for your kind words!
I booked profit at 4.40 levels
Sold 4.43, and tp set 4.39, hopefully it will be triggered ;)
@VarunGarg, she will probably retrace back to 4.41 4.42 and there until next week. Average daily range was tapped at 4.40
Now what r further plans
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