OANDA:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
This my projected path for Hurricane Eurousd. However... If price action gives us something, I might just take it up for the buy. There is a trend line on the weekly that it did not even come close too, along with a wave pattern on this last wave on daily that is a little sketchy. Right now, as I see it, we are in an incomplete combo pattern, but don't worry, soon it will become more complete and offer better trading. But right now, I am not in this pair, but you better believe I will be soon. I explained my thoughts on my last you tube live stream as far as pattern. There is a cypher pattern at the 78% fib which may line up perfectly with top pitchfork line deoending on how price action shakes out, so may be a nice sell coming. However, I need more data, and the way it looks, I see some structure forming that will ultimately bring it to trend line before big retrace, such as an expanded flat. It could continue selling just as EG could, but I need better confirmation dang it! But in my opinion, where it is at, you can take buy setups or sell setups. Better pairs out there. Look at the pattern EU made before its last push to break high, then look at Ncad.....
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