$EURUSD | Third Bullish Swing - Quick Wave in Action!

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Hey Traders,
In our previous analysis we Bought EURUSD as a counter trade to our short analysis and it worked out well as expected for both BUY and SELL
averaging in about (+200 PIPS) of Profit!
Here we're looking at Bullish Swing after bounces of from 200D M.A
EUR Zone Index and events this week are on priority and will be covering with there predictive/sentimental reports at each lap,
For now
Entry - CMP for those who can afford -20 PIPS and P.O at 1.23600
SL remaining - 1.22664
TP would be - 1.25214

have any doubts? than, let us know in the comment section below
and make sure to give this analysis a Thumbs UP +_+
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Source - General public Information!
交易進行: Order Placed,
200D M.A Bounce off in Action!
(Thank you for your likes! ^_^)
at BloomFX - Forex signals

for B2B -
on the TF 4H Fibonacci level is up to 70. Probably the channel will break through. Then I wait for a further fall within 4 hours to the level of 1.2277 .
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