FoldingCoin (FLDC) Short Term Trade Opportunity (100+%)

BITTREX:FLDCBTC   FoldingCoin / Bitcoin
FoldingCoin broke out yesterday on significant volume . It found resistance at 550 satoshi resistance. It has now formed a flag formation on the 1hr time frame. It seems ready to move again soon. Look for the MACD to cross upwards, a bullish signal. The RSI has cooled off into neutral territory, a buying opportunity.

FoldingCoin just updated there website!!! Link:



Target Levels:

Keep on Trading!!
評論: Due to the Crypto Market correction and BTC falling to below 13k, FLDC fell lower then expected to 351. It must have been all the weak hands who wanted to get out that were pushing it down! The chart is still intact and the stop is now 348. We have finished the 3 wave correction pattern, expect the upwards trend to resume soon!

Keep on Trading!!
交易進行: FLDCBTC has formed a ascending triangle on the 1hr and 4hr time frame. Look for a break of 550 satoshi today for a run to 1000 and 1500!
didnt work
Following your idea. How long do you think it is necessary to reach your target?
great, keep updating us
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