GAME credits #GAMEBTC - a 1000% profit opportunity!

BITTREX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin
This is no joke.
Read the whole analysis carefully.


The price has broken out from the falling wedge after completing the complex and time-consuming corrective wave 2. It has taken out local resistance at 0.0003555 and is now heading towards a key resistance zone between the levels of 0.000600 - 0.000700. Breaking the top of this zone is the key to further long-term increases.

At lower time frames, however, it is possible to complete the first impulsive wave and the downward correction of the lower cycle wave 2 can begin anytime now. This corrective cycle should end at the level of 61% Fibo, or 0.0002422. It is therefore a good level to enter for those who are late (first strong buyback zone). Next in order is wave 3, which should easily break the long-term swing highs at 0.0020 and go towards 0.0030 (the more accurate levels will be known after the completion of wave correction 2). Thus, playing on wave 3 increases can give up to 1000% of profit in the longer term.

Any violation of the technical support level at 0.0001030 invalidate the impulsive upward scenario completely.


Main trend: UP

Intermediate trend: DOWN

Daily trend: UP (up trend continuation and the possibility of breaking higher after correction termination)

- for further increases - level 0.000600 and later 0.000700

- for continuing correction - level 0.0003556 and 0.0002500

- for continuation of decreases - level 0.0002500

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評論: Trade of the YEAR 2018? :)
評論: Buyback zone is 0.0002422 - 0.0002857. :)
交易進行: Five waves to the upside ar enow done. Correction time.
Buyback zone:0.0003556 - 0.000034000
交易結束:目標達成: Another textbook example of a top in wave 1 and then a correction in wave 2. This corrective cycle might still not be completed, stay tuned!
評論: GAME might have just completed wave C at the level of 61% Fibo. Wave 3 in progress?
交易進行: One more drop towards 61% Fibo, but this level HODLed well and the market slightly recovered.
In order for impulsive growth to be possible, the price must break the golden trend line.
評論: $GAMEBTC $GAME nothing new, a test of the 61% Fibo and a possible breakout. Bullish outlook still valid.
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so, give up on Games? @sebastian.seliga.7 could you update your chart?
Could you update this? @sebastian.seliga.7
Do we consider latest move to about $28k as a breakout?
Nice chart and great forecast similar to your recent ETH idea.

Regarding GameCredits we are about to see 2 big events: 28.02 - Beta Release For Unity and 19.03 Game Development Conf.
check out at CoinMarketCal.
is it time for buy or waiting for confirmation?
jefersontadeus jefersontadeus
I didn 't see candlestick reversion signs.
hows that textbook when the correction just came from the btc "crash"?
+1 回覆
@Pfeffernase, Hi, look here! :) Love and kissess! :) Hug hug hug! :)
+2 回覆
Pfeffernase sebastian.seliga.7
@sebastian.seliga.7, every bum saw that coming, but not because of your dinosaur-waves but because of what had to happen with btc, come on man XD but whatever, ta works as long as u guys believe in it
What does it mean trade closed?
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