GBPJPY down trend

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Hello traders, hope you are all having a great time .
I am on Tradingview for just over a year and I have see all the hypes posted. You guys remember some , 100 trades to nowhere, the 10k to a million account also to nowhere, etc. Just imagine a vegetarian, a steak lover and a raw food enthusiast getting together to plan the menu, that would be fun!!! Well we are about to have some real fun!!!
Relax and enjoy the show, while it last!
Hope you all have a good sense of humor.

Trade with care and don't fall prey to hypes.
Thanks for your support.
so around 9000 of you saw this chart and only 200 decide it's worth a like?
OK let me know in the comment why you don't think it's not worthy. (want to hear from the 8800)
評論: that should read "why you don't think it's worthy" **
評論: I am not really looking for likes , I have 100k , i am genuinely interested what the community needs to see if i am able to offer such.
評論: If you can't say what is it you don't like ,they don't troll , you will be making a fool out of yourself it you think I need likes! with almost 100K , i believe it should be removed, to make things interesting again.
評論: *then*don't troll
評論: Guys I seriously want to hear from the critics, when you listen to those who disagree with you ,you learn. Or you can be stubborn and don't listen and then you don't learn. I know when I criticize stuff on tradingview I get blamed for being arrogant, I get called names etc. I once posted a chart called "trading pin bars are for dummies " oh boy that created an uproar, guess what ? many traders now don't use pin bars after they have listened -yes LISTENED to my arguments why it is dangerous.
So I want to hear from you what is it you want me to offer and i will try , no promise , but i will try .
評論: Ok only two very constructive critics so far , i have taken notice and will , try to update all charts, I am not saying anyone is a troll so please don't get me wrong , I am asking for serious constructive criticism. If you have one please post . I am open today to learn for everyone. What i said is if you are going to post provocative comments , then don't post.
well done
anil according to your daily chart,posted in comments looks like d wave is complted,looks like wave e going to start gbpjpy going to target 163.80 avove to168,today and tomorrow nig news to come,can you please share here your fresh daily cahrt view
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anilmangal fxmoneycontrol
hi i am not sure where you see d and e in my chart, but i don't have such count
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I think he means ab=cd "harmonic"
fo you sir that would be the last zigzag "z" in "wxyxxz"
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Thanks for your advice Anil, I catched just on time!
NOw I am waiting for a new setup entry...
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Around what time will the GBPJPY sell break out occur today?
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hello Anil

good job but I have a question to learn,

Ok it broke down the channel, everything goes awesome..

but how about if the market turns against the chart? where do you put your SL after this break out?

For instance today my SL was 160.40 and I entered short gbpjpy

I will not wait until price reaches 160.40 of course, to me, if it get 160. it will definetely hit 160.40 and no need to wait. so rather than let my stop at 160.4 i better put on 160.

or likewise, if price falls to154.0 this weeks I could move my SL to 155.5

so how do you decide/update your SL point after huge break outs?
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Hey Anil, I really like your trading style but I have two suggestions you might want to consider so people might want start showing more appreciation toward your work. You should post more short term trades such as 1H charts because sometime we completely forget about the setups you have made couple days ago. Uptading the charts seems like a good idea aswell because people can't really start liking the post if they don't see your setup happening. I guess this might help you. Thanks again.
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