GBPUSD 240M Sell Setup,

OANDA:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
GBPUSD is at reversal point, at any point it could turn to the down side, specially in news sessions. because structurally its look GBPUSD is going to go down, so i will watch for sell setups after the break top.
RSI is experiential indicator for me let see how it will works...
評論: time to look for sell setup, sell could be little complex due to some structural changes, but it will happen...
評論: Now we have market confirmed edges, between edges you can trade it, breakout will give us more confidence for down side..
評論: IMO This is reversal point, if not then atleast one move to the down side for correction... over all this is good spot for take risk...
評論: Here is last possibility which can happen, after that setup will be invalidate...
good idea
I think so, I took short
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