BITTREX:GBYTEBTC   Bytes / Bitcoin
Fynally I have the opportunity to spend some words about Gbyte, I bought this coin for the first time in May 2017. Gbyte reached an important price in July 2017 (0.388 BTC             ). From that moment that coin was neglected by everybody and the exchanges sold the coin mercilessly. Probabily too many airdrop and too many coin in the wrong hands (exchanges). Since november 2017 something has changed, the airdrops are almost finished, one of the last will occur next march 2018 and the coin is starting to be adopted by many people. GBYTE use Dag technology and is one of most cheap coin used for transations. What is the fair price considering that BTC             value (2017 May) was 3000 usd and now is 14500. If the market discover the coin and recognizes to it the right value we can reach ambitious targets, e.g 0.388 Btc             that means 5600 usd at the actual price, but Btc             may reach 23000 usd in a small time so we can arrive at 9000 usd.


- First target accomplished 0.073 btc             ;
- second target 0.117 btc             will arrive soon;
- third target 0.161 btc             ;
- fourth target 0.2326 btc             ;
- fifth target 0.27 btc             ;
latest target 0.35 - 0.388 area.

Happy trading "show must go on"
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