$GRS Potential Ascending Triangle!!

BITTREX:GRSBTC   Groestlcoin / Bitcoin
This fractal reminds me of $XRP before its final 5th wave breakout of its Ascending Triangle . Against the dollar the triangle pattern is much more defined compared to these volatile Bitcoin             charts. Look to enter back on support of the .618 and Ichimoku cloud support. Still a little more Bearish movement to go according to the Stoch RSI so enter near that trend line
評論: Buy zone- 0.000084 - 0.000074
評論: Fell out of ascending support which means this is actually an ABC Correction. Will look to possibly re-enter at around 5,000 sats
評論: Spoke to soon. Still an ascending triangle for those HODLing :)
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That leg down to the 50's was a little exaggerated, violating the classical Elliot wave rules of the low of the second leg up not violating the high of the first. But Crypto moves are exaggerated, and $GRS trade does have a sprightly feel to it. Not highly predictable to swing as I found $XLM a few weeks ago, but not as harsh a market makers as $VTC's, constant head fakes up, fat red candles down. I love to trade but also like to find vehicles to stay with a while. GRS may be one of them, and ANT/NEO was this year.
Bids i should say....rarely am i begging a large position to go down 20%, here i'm wanting to be fed
JolleyCrypto supercharger777
@supercharger777, Solid looking set up, I wish you a profitable ride!
My thoughts exactly, buys in at 81-76, loading the boat
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