I/OCoin (IOC) Solid Chart (300%+ Profits Potential)

BITTREX:IOCBTC   I/OCoin / Bitcoin
I/OCoin ( IOC ) bounced from a bottom that it hadn’t seen since July 2016. Now, this is a solid bottom and the bounce was really strong. Right now IOC is in a very strong uptrend with plenty of room for growth. This coin was launched on July 2014 and an event will happen on the 18-19 January where this project will be discussed, many news and updates coming down the pipeline.

This cryptocurrency looks solid, and the fundamentals behind it. We are going to be aiming higher than the last top, when trading “The sleeping giant for Blockchain Enterprise”.

Now, let’s look at the details for this trade. Let’s buy this coin and make money with it. Let’s do it. Let’s see what we get.

*** I/OCoin ( IOC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters ***

>>> Instructions

Here is how we trade this coin. You have the buy-in, targets and stop-loss. Once you buy into this trade, you are either holding or selling. My suggestion is to hold, and sell when the money comes. Sell on target. Everything else is just wait.

Here comes the instructions…

Buy-in: 0.00038 – 0.00049


(1) 0.000582
(2) 0.000702
(3) 0.000822
(4) 0.001182
(5) 0.001622
(6) 0.002422

Stop-loss: 0.00031

>>> Indicators

* We just had a period of very strong period positive divergence on the 1D MACD . The coin felt in price by 50%, yet the MACD indicator kept on going up. A big sudden drop in prices and then a new uptrend is formed. The beginning of this new wave… let’s see how it goes.
* All the indicators are on the bullish zone, looking bullish and turning bullish . You can also see the positive divergence on the MACD and the indicators trends and bullish signals.
* I don’t think the weekly chart needs any explanation. The MACD is curving and about to crossover. The other indicators are already turning bullish .
* We have 3 straight positive weeks, this coin also has low volume ; plenty of room for growth.

>>> Message of Compassion

Feeling for others is feeling for yourself.

Sharing in others feelings will help you grow and help them as well.

Feeling is an emotion that you can control.

Forget about controlling it, the goal is to feel it and let it go.

Feel free to enjoy the emotions that all the time come your way.

Feel completely without worries, feel the joy, feel the pain.

In the end is just a feeling, energy flowing with something to say.

Once you experience the feeling, you will know more about your true nature, you will know more about yourself.

Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
評論: This coin was going up even during the correction, which is a good signal for upward movement.

Remember to allow time for this trade to develop. Thanks a lot for your support.
I will always be grateful.
評論: If you look at the IOC chart you can clearly see that we are within our uptrend channel, on the upper side of it. Taking into considering the huge market correction, we are looking very strong, we are still within buy-in range. Our stop loss is over 20% down away... This is an easy hold. This is simple wait.
評論: We are holding all trades. The market is looking better, the altcoin prices are bouncing but the correction is not yet over.
I am still looking at Bitcoin and waiting for stronger signals as to when we will start to move back up.

For now we hold patiently.
P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you!
評論: Despite the market wide correction, this trade is looking solid and we are above our buying range.

In fact, we've been trying to break the upper resistance of our trading channel. This is looking good:
評論: IOC Targets:

(1) 0.000582 * Target reached on 19-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.000702 * Next target *
(3) 0.000822
(4) 0.001182
(5) 0.001622
(6) 0.002422

I sold zero coins on the first target.
Just holding.
交易進行: After reaching our first target the Bitcoin correction came down hard on us, and there has been many days of pure retrace, but it is looking very clear that we already found support.

After support is found, consolidation comes next and finally the next run.

You can see in the 4h charts below how we reached support and now the indicators are turning. (Support is the green square).



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💚 🕉 Alan Masters:
any update ?
IOC seems wanna to breakout!
it just keeps going down sadly it just went downhill with btc correction
+1 回覆
Please Update! @alanmasters
+1 回覆
@alanmaster do you have the opportunity to update?
This coin has good potential, but your views are very important to us.
+2 回覆
valencic7 yugiiifrv

in march ioc will be added on another exchange. And it is also in game for few other exchanges. Currently it is only on bittrex and new traders cant register there ;(... no new money.

+2 回覆
really bad signal. only pump and dump, only winner is alanmasters, LOL
+4 回覆
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