Project Decorum (PDC) New Wave (333%+ Profits Potential)

BITTREX:PDCBTC   Project Decorum / Bitcoin
I am now looking at the Project Decorum ( PDC ) charts. This coin challenged new highs back on June 2017 and then again on September 2017, three months apart. A nice breakout on the daily chart is now telling me that another wave is coming. My question to you is the following, do you want to ride this wave?

*** Indicators

Let’s start with the indicators shall we?

- On the daily chart you can see positive divergence, which is a very strong signal.
- You can also see that all the indicators are bullish and a broken trend line .
- These are all reasons for us to buy this coin. These are very strong signals. In fact, you would become a rich person (financially) just by learning to spot these signals.
- The weekly chart looks good. The indicators are not yet in the bullish zone but are curving and showing bullish tendencies. This means that the action is yet to start, that there is still plenty of room for growth.
- Low trading volume also indicates that the action is yet to start and that this coin has much room available for growth potential.

*** Instructions

Buy-in: 0.000016 - 0.000022


(1) 0.0000271
(2) 0.0000341
(3) 0.0000461
(4) 0.0000541
(5) 0.0000651

Stop-loss: 0.00001099

*** My Message

Patience is the key.
When trading cryptocurrencies...
Patience is the key to make money.

Mantra: "Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem"
評論: We are holding all trades. The market is looking better, the altcoin prices are bouncing but the correction is not yet over.
I am still looking at Bitcoin and waiting for stronger signals as to when we will start to move back up.

For now we hold patiently.
I am not closing any of our trades since this is a market wide correction.

P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you!
評論: The initial potential of this trade is still intact.
This is an easy hold.

Daily chart:
交易進行: Strong breakout for PDC on the daily chart.

This breakout turned bullish all my indicators, including a cross over on the MACD.

Take a quick look:

Feel free to buy in, re-buy and reload.
取消訂單: This trade is now closed. Feel free to sell.

PDC will be removed from Bittrex on the 23rd March. This is why I am closing this trade.

Here is the link for the news:
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Congratulations Alan, I am your fan numbre 1. Thanks for sharing your knoeledge....!!!!!! you radiate love and love with love you pay. I love you too
Grieve not my dear friends, there is another party starting soon which will make up for and make you forget all about your previous losses.

*Unless you blew everything, then you should grief.
Alan and his new positions-1000%gains,5000% :):):):):)
Peoples dont be stupid.He only earn moneys when everything goes up, use his paid group to pump shiet coins:):):):)
+2 回覆
He's a scammer, I've warned others to stay away from his tips on shit coins which are classic pump and dump. To be fair to him, he was on the money before Xmas when all altcoins were appriciating, some of which pumped by the likes of Alan and his associates, but the party is now over folks. I pity those who find themselves still holding on to worthless altcoins outside the established ones. Greed gets the better of us all. Fck his Namaste crap, @alanmasters is a hustler :)

+4 回覆
Pilka1975 hermillion
@hermillion, I told You guys about Alan.He is scammer.
+1 回覆
drjsh hermillion
@hermillion, yea i got f*** by his PDC sh***
I use AlanMasters signals from a paid subscription.
From January to the current day I have a minus 30-50%. For 3 months, not one correct signal. All in a minus.
Think for yourself.
To whom to sell a paid subscription with a discount?))
+5 回覆
Where were you man? I thought you went to work for uber or something. Good to see you back!
+2 回覆
When I was completely new to trading, I naively trusted Alan's trades to make me money. You're going to lose a lot of money holding onto shitcoins for the long-term. Money that you could better use trading more reputable currencies. Don't fall for the same trap. Learn to analyse your own trades, and you'll be far better off.
+8 回覆
Bittrex is removing it on March 23rd... I'm out on this one.
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