IWM buy point for rest of Q1 / IWM的Q1剩餘買點

BATS:IWM   iShares Russell 2000 ETF

I'm not certain if the Federal Reserve will decrease interest rates in March; currently, the probability is around 50%, and I'm hesitant to make a prediction. According to Tom Lee's forecast, if the IWM ends above 300 by the end of 2024, there could be a potential increase of over 50%. I'm considering investing 15% of my portfolio in TNA to potentially gain 150% or more, especially if the price follows a consistent upward trajectory. Given the significantly different macroeconomic environment compared to 2023 and 2022, I believe that the IWM is unlikely to reach a new low since 2021. My immediate goal is to enter TNA at favorable prices.
I anticipate that the IWM may revisit the 188-190 range due to a pullback in the SPX and QQQ. If the pullback is substantial or if the probability of a rate cut in March decreases, it could decline even further. I intend to purchase IWM at 188, 184, 180, and 172, aligning with Fibonacci retracement levels, with each price point representing a 1/4 position. If the price does not drop as anticipated, I will consider buying during a breakout to achieve higher highs. My plan is to acquire all TNA positions before the end of March.