Correction of LTCEUR in the third wave.

Historically C waves (3th correction wave) are rather shallow for cryptocurrencies. Therefore first moment to go long is between Fib 0,5 and Fib 0,618. If retracement will go as Elliot predicts, it could reach 95 euro .

Buy zone 1; 165 - 140
Buy zone 2; 91,5 - 81

Put your purchase limit based on your risk portfolio.

Happy trading
評論: Hit second target, although not expected to be honest.


Thanks man. I made some profit in that trade, just closed way earlier. There is no many good crypto analytics doing pairs with EUR. So please keep it up!
@Xante, thanks for you reply. I just switched to USD for the last two pairs because I thought nobody really cared about the EUR. But since you do, I'll make some in EUR again!
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Xante kerstjens
@kerstjens, Great! This days all market is looking now towards BTCUSD as we ar ein crucial point. With USD pairs you will have more audience but also more competition. I think European market is behind in crypto adoption and EUR pairs will growth in time. Especially when market will finally disconnect from following BTCUSD pair. So I recommend to not give up on them fully as you are a strong actor on that scene already. Looking forward for your next TA.
@Xante, totally agree with you. However, you should not forget to also check the USD pair when you think of selling/buying. During the last big corrections I traded several times based on a euro pair analysis and it was not correct because the dollar pair was not at all yet at the same level. This is due to the limited Euro adoption in the crypto markets.
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