LTC/USD Trade Opportunity! Who Wants to earn some $$$

Hello Fellow Traders,

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later

LTC appears to have a put in a bottom bouncing twice off the 200EMA (Green Line) and 78.6 Fib Retracement (Overlaid in Black).
It has then broken the 150.31 Horizontal level (Red Line) and came back to retest. This has Formed another ABC pattern (Advance through the level, Come Back to the level, and Continue in the original direction.

We are looking for an entry above yesterdays green bar around $165.00 CRUCIALLY this level will also signify the break of the bearish Channel (overlaid in light blue). This set up is tempting on a shorter timeframe but new traders should ignore it due to the possibility of entering in the channel and being bounced out from the channel top.

Entry is $165.00, with SL if aggressive at $147.00 and if Conservative $140.00, Targets are $197.00, $239.00 and $269 (The Blue Lines)

Follow my profile for more trade ideas and updates I look forward to working with you all.
評論: We are now earning nice profits on this trade, keep in mind we are here to trade not hold in this market we reach targets and we collect profits we don't place long holds.

We bought at bottom of breakout now sell high.

Enjoy your profits.
評論: First target reached, here you can collect some profits I certainly am.

This has been 1 of many profitable trades to come.

Next target $239.00

Make sure you follow for updates.
評論: Trade is moving nicely, we faced some resistance but looking strong.

Remember as this trade goes up use trailing stop losses, this way you don't need to be glued to the screen. I sold some of my position at first target when reached at $197.00

Now my stop loss is set at $197.00 so i can relax and enjoy profits on way to next target.

Never be greedy always make sure to collect profits along the way we do this to make a living so make sure you get paid!

Each target I always follow the same routine in any trade.

評論: Remember to keep adjusting your stop loss as we move into higher prices, also don't be afraid to bank profits on the way to next target levels.

We still look strong on this trade.
評論: We are still in a 30% profit here from our entry level, when target 1 was reached we were 20% in profit so we are still comfortable.

We have lost some momentum on this trade with Bitcoin movements BUT LTC volume is still good.
交易進行: IT does look like we may see a pullback before the move continues. Its okay to bank profits here and look for a lower entry to come back in if you wish to. Otherwise you can just hold on, you should have banked heaps of profits already
評論: Litecoin has been a very profitable trade and we are moving again.
評論: We are approaching our second target and can bank some profits there. What a dream chart this was for Starting out our Dollars and Senses. We think its nice and clear analysis and we posted nothing contradictory, if you follow us you got this entry and this money. i hope you have made heaps and will continue to Follow and make much much more
評論: WE have hit our second target here, please ensure you bank some more profits.
Not only does Dollars and Senses give you quality analysis first, but we give you the trade details so you can bank the Profits.
評論: We have reached our second Target and should have moved our stops up, to ensure profits on the whole trade. We have updated analysis available on LTCUSD
評論: This trade continues along nicely
What do you think about these Elliot Wave count?
Oh this is good man. I shorted LTC a couple of times lol
if i sell 139$ , what would be the next entry point.
HI @DollarsAndSenses , thanks for sharing. I'm a newbie here. Wondering what you do when hit target ? sell all or half and rebuy at low?
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Boom! I like your style bro.
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@Dugma, I love your support!
Hi, how do you see the lateral price movement that LTC had after the short rally? He did not try the maximum of $ 216 again. Related to BTC?
thanks a lot for great ideas ...
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Hi, one question, is this sudden increase in LTC related to LTC Cash Fork ads?
@gusccbb, Hi, I don't focus on fundamental as you will enter potential dangerous waters by trading crypto based off fundamental and not charts. So that I cant answer the trade as per above I could see a potential breakout but this was based off TA.
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