LTC Ready To Break Out?

Cup and Handle pattern now coming into completion. Money appears to be leaving BTC and jumping into alt's, particularly BCH, although LTC seems like the steady and solid (safe) way to enter the race right now on clear uptrend patterns. LTC has many positive attributes as a currency, and should become more of a realized rival as coin awareness becomes more main-streamed.

I'm personally not attached to LTC nor do I shill for any coin, but LTC does seem to have some "buy now" advantages in my opinion for long-term speculation as the market begins to decide less on which coin will yield profits, but rather which coins are built to survive the future.
Agreed, LTC is by far the best crypto right now imo. Fastest and cheapest to actually transact with people. I have gotten a few of my favorite restaurants to accept LTC.
@Xatos this pattern played out very well. great analysis
Xatos MoonPickle
@MoonPickle, Thanks buddy. Ditto your work lately, I've been seeing it as well!
+1 回覆
@Xatos, thanks!
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