$LTCUSD #LTC #litecoin heading for $70

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Looking at the current channel, I can see LTC going for a wave 5 up to $70,-
RSI on daily has enough space to let it happen.
We might see a down first.
Target is determined with Fibonacci extensions.
More detailed information in the update on smaller timeframe.
Aug 06
評論: Buy the breakout or bounce on the lower horizontal line

Aug 06
評論: Price made indeed another leg down, now watch price action near the trendline for a strong upmove before you buy.
SL in accordance with your moneymanagement strategy below the trendline
Aug 07
評論: And here is the break out!
Aug 15
評論: LTC is having a hard time these days where BTC is flying.
I changed the blue trendline a bit and shows last hope for LTC.
If the price breaks below this line, its better to close the trade.

Remember: always use proper moneymanagement and stop losses! Better safe than sorry! LTC has risen a lot off late.....

Aug 18
評論: Nice bounce on the trendline and looks on its way for more up

Trend continuation pattern:
Aug 18
評論: sorry, i was to hasty making a chart
this looks better imho

Aug 20
評論: Doing well, nice recovery....lets see if LTC can continue the way up

Aug 21
評論: Ready for breakout?

Aug 27
評論: Nice rally for LTC!
Still on track for $70.
Possible bounce area on chart. Watch price action in the blue box

Aug 31
評論: We're more or less in the targetted area. Keep an eye on price action, we might get a correction from here or in the blue box.

Sep 10
Called it!
@Crypto_Ed - In case it reaches in Blue Box, how far it can go..
Crypto_Ed himanshugodhwani
@himanshugodhwani, 85 but its not a rule that it reverses in that box. It might even extend further, you should see it as a zone where to pay attention.
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