Decentraland (MANA) Stronger Than Most (153% Profits Potential)

BINANCE:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
Decentraland (MANA) is a very active cryptocurrency, judging by its charts. It touched bottom at least a week in advance compared to other alts and it also reached its all time high just a few weeks ago on the 22nd April, while most of the altcoins reached and / or challenged their all time high back in December 2017 / January 2018. So this one is definitely creating its own cycles.

The fact that this coins chart moves different to the rest, is a good reason to hold it (for diversification purposes) and track its movement, as it can give us signals and clues as to what might happen next for other coins. Let's see what we can make out of this one. I remember it being a great money maker for me and my supporters in the past. Let's see if we can have the same again.

Decentraland ( MANABTC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


On the daily chart: 

- We are in an uptrend, short, mid and long term.
- We are trading above the EMA50, 100 and 200 lines. All these lines work as strong support if MANA decides to move down.
- MACD , RSI , STOCH and DMI, all room for growth.
- Decentraland has a very active team. It is a prominent coin in this Consensus 2018 and also has an upcoming event on the 25th May.
- On the 31st December 2018, is the opening of the Decentraland virtual reality metaverse (VR-world, Genesis city) for all users. This can be a huge event for this coin.

Now, let's trade it...


Buy in: 0.0000131 - 0.000171

Decentraland (MANA) Targets:

(1) 0.0000198
(2) 0.0000248
(3) 0.0000273
(4) 0.0000332
(5) 0.0000399

Stop loss: 0.0000117

Note: Stop loss active for this trade. If stop loss hit, close the trade we are likely to be able to buy back lower if this happens.


Have you ever been in this situation?
When you felt down and you doubt yourself.

Maybe something happened in the past, that made you forget your amazing attributes, you start to judge your own actions and ways.

The past is the past.
The present is the moment that is made for us.
The future is beautiful but is yet to come.
Remember to focus in what you really want.

So regardless of the tragic or beautiful past, or the present that sometimes gets in your way.

Just remember that you are special...

And it doesn't matter what really happens...

You will always DESERVE THE BEST!

交易結束:達到停損點: Will publish again in a few days/weeks.

Trade closed, stop loss hit.
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mid term target sir please ?
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@oussue, 2nd target +
Your the best of the best! Thank You
hi master , nano update please
Any updates please?
Any Updates Please ?
Hi, you must've forgotten a zero to the buy-in range.
Thanks for the trade anyway :)
what a greedy buddah
@leorio, A RICH and WEALTH, KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM sharing Buddha.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Thanks a lot for giving your energy to me... always...