Ark (ARK) Is Getting Ready (320% Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
Ark (ARK) is getting ready, this chart looks really good and we have great potential here. The Altcoins market is getting hotter and hotter, and we are looking right on schedule for our May/June bull run.

So let's diversify as much as we can, positions ourselves as early as we can, so that we can later maximize profits as much as we can.

I always mention big earnings and profits potentials for my trades, long term trades, but these are really short, medium and long term trades all in one, which is better than a short or long term trade; BOTH.

When I share my targets, I share targets that are just 10%-20% away from our buy-in range and that are normally reached within a few days, many of these are reached within hours and some only take a few minutes.

On top of those targets that are hit in the short (SHORT) term, I also share medium (MID) term targets, which can take weeks to reach and finally long (LONG) term targets, which can take months.

You can check my Bitcoin Cash ( BCC ) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) trades for some examples on targets.

Note: Before we continue, I would like to share a general note about our trades, buy-in price, risk and targets. You might notice that many trades I share you see a strong green candle on the day I post my charts, which represents a breakout or the beginning of positive action. Some might think at the time of posting that the buy-in is too high, or that maybe we can buy in before the breakout... Let me example this, the breakout is the signal, and even though the entire cryptocurrency market is preparing to explode up, you can't really know if a coin will breakout now, today or in a weeks time - the market is alive and makes its own decisions, but we know for sure, based on the candlesticks , chart patters and indicators, that a bull run is coming. So these prices that might not be the best for you at the time of posting, turn out to be awesome at the time of selling (check again my trade examples to see how fast and often we hit our targets).

A 10-20% increase in price for an altcoin in this market is not huge. We see this every single day, in and out. The cryptocurrency market is famous because of its high volatility and incredible potential earnings and profits. We know this, let's take advantage of it.

So feel free to join my trades within buy in range and hold patiently, once we start to hit our targets, you can start to sell. It can take days or weeks for a trade to take off, as it can only take a few hours, that's why we diversify. We reduce risk and increase our earnings potential, we also don't have to worry about price swings. We set the sell orders and forget, very easy. Look at Siacoin ( SC ) and DigiByte ( DGB ) for additional examples...

Now, let's trade!!!

Ark (ARK) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.00034 - 0.00042



(1) 0.000459
(2) 0.000495
(3) 0.000573


(1) 0.000636
(2) 0.000766


(1) 0.000862
(2) 0.001072
(3) 0.001229 (All time high @ 14-Sept-17)
(4) 0.001822


(1) 0.000304 (tight)
(2) 0.000265 (long)


We have many bullish signals on basically all of the time frames for ARK. I am looking at the 1h, 2h, 4h, 1D and 3D charts, they are all showing many positive signals.

Let's start with the daily: 

- You can see the MACD slowly moving up, as well as the RSI , DMI and STOCH . The OBV has been on the bullish zone for a while now.
- We have a very strong long term uptrend as well as minor breakouts and a very strong daily candle today (26-April).
- The 4 hours chart is extremely bullish as well...

So, let's continue...


Let's enjoy today as well.

Just like we did yesterday, like we always do, like we do tomorrow now.

Enjoy your day, the weeks, months and years ahead.

評論: ARK roadmap:

Thanks @myaccount on the comment section.
評論: We might breakout soon... This one only needs one push!

評論: We continue our uptrend. This will be a nice one once it takes off strong.
評論: Ark is trying to move now, maybe a day or two and we can see something... but we cannot break below those support lines (magenta and green trend lines).

評論: I bought more ARK... Waiting patiently.
交易進行: We are finally breaking out of the long term triangle formation. Ark is moving into the positive. This is one of the Top Consensus 2018 coins.

Here is the chart:
We hit our first target as well:
Ark Targets:


(1) 0.000459 * Target reached 14-May *
(2) 0.000495 * Next target *
(3) 0.000573

Time to move up...

評論: Please notice that it took this one over two weeks (17 days) to start to move... PATIENCE IS THE KEY!

Here is the daily chart for Binance + the Bollinger Bands:
評論: After hitting our first target, ARK is doing the classic retrace.

This can take a few days before ARK resumes its climb up.
評論: ARK is doing good, it has been holding strong. Looks like this will be a short lived retrace.

I am seeing some pretty good signals in the very short term:
評論: Quick comment: Look for 3700 as the bottom. We go up from there.
交易進行: So far the 3700 satoshis level has been holding nicely. This is a great spot to rebuy and reload, suggested before the drop.

We have many signals showing this level as a strong support.

- EMA100
- Trendline
- Fib. level.

評論: We are still within the triangular formation, creating higher lows, bouncing off the trend line and consolidating for more.

Please allow time for ARK to consolidate before its next wave up.

Here is the long term chart:
評論: Activate your stop loss.

ARK just hit double bottom, this is a good spot for a short trade. Buy now and sell shortly after for profits.

This spot can also be used to rebuy and reload, yet with a very tight stop loss (the same stop loss we are using above).

If support holds, this position can be good for a quick 10-20% profits trade, if support doesn't hold, ARK is to go down lower and look for a new one.

Here is the chart with the next support level:
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Hello Alan, nice to see a trade on ARK from you. This is an amazing project and I yhink it is a solid long term. Once they launch ARK core V2, this summer, ARK will start to see success similar to ETH's success a couple of years ago.

+3 回覆
AlanSantana myaccount
@myaccount, You have the details for this launch?

Thanks for your comment and support.

myaccount AlanSantana

They never give dates but within the last couple of months it went from 40% to 69%

I heard it is finished but still testing. Should happen this summer
+1 回覆
AlanSantana myaccount
@myaccount, Thanks a lot. Highly appreciated.
Core v2 progress jumped to 71%. Once they release it, some serious mooning should be coming. I would say latest August but as they never give dates, it could be next month :)

To all the newbies out there:

I would not worry about the seriousity of the ARK team, they are one of the few teams in top100 that are really working in their project. They will also have a considerable presense at consensus 2018, middle of may. Boots of their own and sponsoring other boots.

Why do you think that lots of top 20 or 50 coins are not there......they jave nothing to show :)

Also remember that this is a 'Long' trade so buy as much as you can within Alan's recomended interval.
+2 回覆
AlanSantana myaccount
@myaccount, Thanks a lot for your great suggestions and support.

Your comment is highly appreciated.

myaccount AlanSantana
I am posting in this trade only for educational purposes. This is not a pump and dump coin so nobody has any benefit from shilling it or fudding it in one TV trade. I wish people see it as a solid trade because bull season is coming and there are so many scams out there shilling and scamming new traders....the innocent first time investors.

+1 回覆
Great work again Alanmaster! I am really thankful for your open knowledge. It helps so much for a beginner in Crypto.
+2 回覆
AlanSantana Mathaizen
@Mathaizen, I am happy to hear that.

Thanks a lot for your comment.
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