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Hi again.
First of all thank you all for your comments, likes, private messages. YOU are really great!

Monaco is a solid project with professionals on board. Check out this link and their linkedinprofiles

  • They produce a card which enables you to use your ERC-20 token for regular payments. We personally think it is great!
  • They are partnered with VISA.
  • Featured on CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/01/04/th...
  • They are listed on over 10 exchanges (Bittrex, Binance, OKEX) with many crypto pairs.
  • Significant volume rise (from around 3,5 mln $ a day lately to 35 mln $ a day)

Here are some technical details :

  • We are at the very bottom of fib levels
  • We are att the bottom of long term cycle
  • We crossed SMA9 and SMA50 from the bottom up
  • Positive convergence ( MACD )

Fibonacci Levels:

Target1: 180000
Target2: 264500
Target3: 332900
Target4: 401280
Target5: 498600
Target6: 622570 ( ATH )

We are dependant on BTC moves but stay tuned and be positive thinker.

It is forbidden in China to hug a tree. LOL :)
PS They forbide many things...On of them is btc

評論: If you were fast enough you could sell at almost Target 3. Now we are stable at Target 1.
Earn money from the first day.

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(Binance, Bittrex etc, real - time support and instructions)

Latest results:

EURUSD 43% profit; 7 days
GOLD 20% profit; 7 days
ONTOLOGY 28%; 14 days
Guys. If you hodl for mid-, long- term this is still good option but if you want to get your return we had over 40% of gain. CONGRATULATIONS!
You can reload at lower levels between at around 80000 st.
it take more dip n dip
WBM_Team muzzamilsana
@muzzamilsana, lets wait for market clarification
@WBM_Team what time frame do u think?
@kulie, hard to predict right now because of bitcoin volatility. Once bitcoin will go up we will see strong gains on MCO. I am expecting ATH before summer.
kulie WBM_Team
@WBM_Team, thanks , i have same opinion.
@kulie, Great keep in touch
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