NBT/BTC Here is a strange looking buy for you!

BITTREX:NBTBTC   Nubits / Bitcoin
Hi All,

I don’t think anyone else will pick this but I think the long suffering NBTBTC might be ready for a Buy. This pair has been steadily falling for well years. So why would I buy it.

Recently for the first time since Nov 16 the 20ema, moved above the 50ema. It’s the first bullish sign in some time for any length of time. My super indicator is giving a buy signal and has been right for 6 of the 7 signals since price started to go up. It’s a pretty special indicator ad 6 from 7 isnt great for it, especially as the move establishes.

While it has fallen away a little recently the general trend on volume is up. I like that.

If the current bar closes above 0.000103, I will buy the high of the bar as price goes up. If not I will buy the high of the next Green bar we get.

I will put my SL below the 50 EMA (The red line) at 0.000098

Targets 1 will be 0.00141 (The Black line)
Target 2 will be 0.00018 (The higher Black Line)
and I will exit all just before the 200ema (The Green Line)

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To make dollars your decisions need to make sense. This is a different trade and as traders we must work out if its for us. It’s a trade that could return very high returns over time, but has some risk. If it’s not for you that’s fine, take your time we will help you find one that is.
評論: Thanks for the catch

Target 1 would be 0.000141
評論: Previous bar closed where we hoped it would over the .000103 but I am going to open a position on the high of this bar if it gives us a good indication.
評論: I am just patiently waiting for a bounce bar to buy above here. If we get a bounce up above the 50EMA i will be in.
We will keep you updated on this if it sets up or join our Chat to ask questions on it
取消訂單: With price dropping below the 50 ema, we will cancel this trade for now
hi /may you look hsr in binance
Hey man, good post. fyi, you have a typo for your target 1; it should be 0.000141 instead of 0.00141. Best of luck
Hi, thanks for the work but plot nubits against BTC and you'll notice something. From their website "NuBits eliminates this frustration. Traders can purchase NuBits as a stable hedge rather than liquidating their holdings to fiat money."
Keep on the good work.
Im not on Bittrex :(
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