NBT/BTC Ready to go, big winning potential $

Hi Fellow Supporters,

As you've seen on past few trades we have been winning lets make this another one.

NBTBTC BIttrex Analysis

Dollars and Senses always starts his Analysis on the daily Chart . You can see on NBTBTC that price has given us a classic ABC off the 50 EMA (The Red Line). It has Advances through the line, pulled Back to the line and Advanced to continue in original direction. DSS loves trading ABC patterns. On this one I didn’t get in on the bounce point, so need to wait for another opportunity.

On the daily chart I can buy the break of the previous bar high. It does give me a small profit before the next Resistance level . I will write this up for thse that cant be in front of your charts as it’s a likely entry soon.

ABC Entry 0.000104 or above
Stop Loss 0.0000947
Targets are just before the Blue lines
0.0001085 Target 1
0.000118 Target 2
0.00014 Target 3
0.000181 Target 4

I will post this now as entry could be soon, and have a look at the shorter timeframes as comments

If you are going to make Dollars you need to have an idea that makes Sense, so here it is everyone and enjoy.

Daily Quote,

"Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas." - Paul Samuelson
If you think investing is gambling, you're doing it wrong. The work involved requires planning and patience. However, the gains you see over time are indeed exciting!

評論: We have just been tipped in on this trade, really just need some volume to push us along.
評論: We are getting closer to target 1
評論: NBT continues towards our first target
評論: Daily trades take a bit longer, but we are making good progress towards target
Can you check NEBL, it hit the bottom. Ready to go up.
Mate, this coin aims to hold 1usd value, its a stablecoin, unless you time this with a btc fall you are setting people up to about you find out the fundamentals of a coin before you post about it.
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donyewuc D3ADLYTuna
@D3ADLYTuna, Look at the charts. Does it look like a stable coin to you? No? Okay, cool.
D3ADLYTuna donyewuc
@donyewuc, do you understand how this coin works, no, okay, cool.
donyewuc D3ADLYTuna
@D3ADLYTuna, Actually, yes, I do. And I'll be honest, you're kind of right lol. I took a look at it afterwards and realized it's basically another version of USDT haha.
D3ADLYTuna donyewuc
@donyewuc, Glad you had another look. It's not that you can't profit off it, but yes, its another usdt. The only possible upside is if TA on stablecoins can predict price movement preemptively. The reason I posted the response is the OP has a few followers and I don't want people getting caught out thanks to poorly thought out TA ideas.
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