BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
NEO run has grown tired. RSI divergence, negative momentum, incoming ema cross over, lack of strong support point to this is the time to sell. Big sell volume will come in once EMAs have crossed over, followed by panic sells. I will look to enter at 2 buy zones.

What do you think?
交易進行: I like it when I get no likes on my ideas. Either I'm wrong, or people dont want to face reality.
交易結束:目標達成: Buy Zone Hit
Is it a good idea to do range bound trading?
DOOM_ dollarh
@dollarh, I personally prefer setting multiple buys to lower dollar cost average. Upside is over time your purchase cost is lower. Downside is you need to watch price action closely as if your target range doesnt hit, you need to buy before break out.
seems like you will get rekt by the incoming btc dump, unless you plan to hop out into USDT for that episode...
whats your target?
DOOM_ whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, Buy Zone labeled above, however have adjusted ranges to - T1 range 941-980k sats, T2 796-810k. Temporary candle reversal on the daily, expecting this to play out over couple days with a fake rally with little support. When buyers fail to show up thats when these targets will hit. Am watching carefully as signs of strong and continued pull back are not showing just yet. Sold at 1.31m sats so have some room to see this play out. As you know, entry is everything.
you nailed it!
DOOM_ whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, Thank you. I enjoy the commentary on some of your charts.
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