BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
GET READY FOR THE BREAKOUT. TenX Pay Token (PAY) is consolidating and macd , is showing a green light. TARGET - 55000 sat.
What is the volume indicator on the right side?
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This coin just had a setback that saw its product removed from the market. It will likely not re-launch for three months. Forget the technicals on this one, as it's a huge gamble to get in right now. When Bitcoin takes off again it will shave off serious satoshi value on this one.
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hybridtekno Ishikura_Masaki
@Ishikura_Masaki, agreed.but then again,how many projects actually have or had a product in the past?
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Ishikura_Masaki hybridtekno
@hybridtekno, I know. None. And regulation in this area is developing quickly and thus, holding any coin within this subcategory of cryptocurrencies is high-risk, as the token utility is subject to change at a moment's notice.

As of this point in time, and I say that Monaco and TokenCard are furthest ahead (Monaco in compliance, TokenCard in software). The fact that they appear to be ahead of TenX, in combination with their significantly lower market caps, make them more attractive investments in my opinion.

That being said, I would advice anyone to not allocate too much of one's portfolio to coins in this space.

I'll say it again: they are doubly exposed to regulatory hurdles :)
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